Metal Roof

Metal Roofing

Main benefits of Metal Roofing

Roofing installation finished by Karelson Construction carries tremendous advantages for your home or business. Commercial and residential metal roofing is one of the quickest developing types of roofing done today.

Metal roofs offer many benefits, including:

  1. Depending upon the metal, these roofs can last, ranging from 40-70 years. The usually used asphalt (shingle) roofing has an estimated life expectancy of 12-20 years.
  2. Some metal roofs are capable of withstanding wind gusts of about 140 miles per hour and, some are even impact-resistant that solely depends on the material you use. They survive these harsh winds and do not crack or corrode. Besides, metal roofs don’t demand any such maintenance costs as other roofs. However, periodic maintenance is mandatory to check for any repairs needed.
  3. Metal roofs do not catch fire and burn down to flames and are also safe in a lightning strike scenario.
  4. Energy efficiency. Metal is a reflector of solar radiant heat, reducing cooling costs by 10-25%.
  5. Environmentally friendly. Metal roofs are not only composed of 25-95% recycled content, depending on the material used but are also 100% recyclable once their life as a roof ends. In comparison, shingle roof waste ends up as a building-related waste stream, which is up to 20 billion pounds per year.
  6. Proven performance expectation of 50+ years
  7. Beautiful styles to match all types of homes or neighborhood
  8. Interlocking panels that offer maximum wind resistance
  9. Fire-resistant.
  10. Low weighted roof help maintain structural integrity and life.

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