Metal roofing has been very popular nowadays because it is a hassle-free and cost-effective roofing solution. The unique selling point of this roofing type is the protection against varying weather conditions. States like California and Florida are famous for extreme weather.

Summers can be arid and hot. Winters can be rainy and damp. This contrast in the external condition can weaken the traditional roofing materials like asphalt, which can be found on most buildings. People often ask whether installing a metal roof can solve their roofing problems in these areas.

The answer is very subjective and depends on what exactly you are looking for. Therefore, I have jotted down the essential pros and cons of metal roofing. It can allow you to decide whether the metal roofing is the right fit for you or not.

Pros and cons of roofing



You can consider a metal roof as a one-time investment because it can last as long as your house. Many companies claim the average life of the metal roof between 20 to 55 years, depending on the maintenance level. Some service providers are also offering a warranty of 30 years which is very impressive.

The longevity of the metal roofs is because of their durable and flexible material, which can withstand all the climatic conditions.


No other roofing option provides as much coloring and styling option as metal roofs do. You can find hundreds of colors and styles to adapt according to your taste and building structure. Metal is a customizable material and can be molded into any size and shape. Therefore, it gives liberty to people to expand their imagination and bring their roofing ideas to life.

Buildings with metal roofs look very tempting and beautiful. Hence, it increases the overall value of the building.

Saves Energy

Metal roofs are highly energy-efficient. If installed correctly, it can keep the building cool during summer and hot during winter. The reason is that it does not allow the internal temperature to leak from the building and external temperature to enter inside it. However, you need to ensure the perfect insulation and look for any gaps or leakages. 

roof recycle


Metal roofs are the best fit for environmentalists because this material is entirely recyclable. Unlike other roofing materials, there is no wastage in metal roofing. Therefore, when a metal roof completes its lifespan, you can recycle it for a new roof. This roofing option is very eco-friendly and involves no hazardous chemical processing.

Low Weight

Roofs can put a lot of load on the structure of the building. The old traditional roofs are very heavy weighted and put extra pressure on walls during the rainy season. It makes the building unsafe for the residents because the structure gets weaken over time.

Therefore, metal roofing can be an excellent solution for this. Metal is not only light weighted as compared to traditional roofs but also more durable. Its lightweight can provide extra support to the building structure and increase the lifespan of the building.


Metal roofs do not depend on the structure and size of the buildings. This roofing material is adaptable for most of the building designs and roofs. The flexible nature of the metals allows you to mold them in any shape and size. 

You can quickly achieve the aerodynamic design of the building through a metal roof. So, it does not matter how steep or round your roof is; the metal roofing will work on all sizes and structures.



Metal roofs can be louder as compared to traditional roofing options, especially during the rainy season. There has been some advancement in the recent past to minimize the noise; however, people still find it distracting. If not installed correctly, shaking of metal parts from wind can produce very annoying noise. Therefore, if you a noise-sensitive person, you must never go for this roofing option.

Prone to Dents

Although metal roofs are very durable and can withstand decades in extreme weather conditions, there can be visible dents on the metal surface with time. A simple walk on the metal roof shingles can also cause dents on its surface.

You cannot do much to avoid denting on metal roofs. However, these dents do not do much damage to the performance of the roof. If still, this is a dealbreaker for you, you can go for other options.


The low maintenance cost is the USP of the metal roofing. However, it does not mean that it comes cheap at all. The initial cost of metal roofing is very high as compared to the traditional roofing materials. Its price can be 10 times higher than the asphalt shingles. You can also find other premium roofing options in this same price category. 

Prone to Corrosion

The biggest flaw of the metal is its deterioration caused by corrosion. Although metal roofs do not require much maintenance, however, a regular inspection is recommended to ensure the good health of the roofing. If the corroded part is not replaced timely, it can damage the other parts of the roof.

Inexperienced Installer

The biggest problem with metal roofs is caused by the incorrect installation by inexperienced service providers. These service providers can miss the gaps between the metal sheets, which causes the leakages on the roof. It is tough to find and judge the service provider’s skills, especially when installing the roof for the first time. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, metal roofing has been trending nowadays. Many people in California and Florida are considering these options. However, people are still unclear whether they should go for this option or not as there is no clear evidence that this roofing option will solve their roofing problem.

I have tried to provide you enough information so you can decide whether metal roofs are the right fit for your building or not. Multiple parameters can play a crucial role in your decision. The pros and cons of the metal roofs will allow you to identify the true nature of your need of whether you must go for this option or not.

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