Stairs Service


Custom and unique stairs

Redesign and change the appearance of your stairs with delightful hardwood steps in only days. If you are looking for an expert for adding a flawless blend of the hardwood stairs to your existing floor, we can help you improve your home style. Contact Karelson Construction for enhancing your stairs by redoing the configuration as per your decision.

A custom stair configuration can take a home or business space to a level that is unheard of. A perfectly planned flight of stairs and handrail framework fills in as a point of convergence for a private or business space. Custom flights of stairs offer both usefulness and feel like a blend of a structural component and a permanent piece of furniture…

Wood and stone stairs

Diverse materials for stairs are one of the most exploratory building components. A flight of stairs can outperform other structural parts of the home regarding flexibility in the plan and kinds of material utilized. With modern engineering, the styles of stairs and plans also have evolved. If you are developing your home or renovating the equivalent, you can look over a few materials accessible in the market.

Stone is an ordinarily utilized material for building a flight of stairs. Stone offers color and surface in the assortment. For homes with marble structure, the marble flight of stairs is a favored and evident decision. Stone is a superior choice for stairs in the passage or nursery area. Stone adds tastefulness to your home plan and can be cut into various shapes to frame a flight of stairs…

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